FIFA Pro Clubs 11v11 League for Xbox and PS4
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FIFA Pro Clubs 11v11 League for Xbox and PS4


1.       Team names must be custom (unless the team is officially representing an affiliated team) and appear exactly as they do in Pro Clubs.  

2.       Team names must be deemed appropriate, not offensive and in accordance to the rules.

3.       All teams must wear custom kits with one being dark and the other being light, unless the team is official representing an affiliated team. 

4.       All teams have a minimum squad size of 8 and a maximum squad size of 15 players at any one time.

5.       A team can release players at any time during the season with notification given to the league.

6.       Teams must register with league every season.

7.       Every team must have the required minimum number of starting players to be able to play a match. Teams not adhering to this will be given a default loss.

8.     Managers wishing to postpone a game must give good reason and at least 48 hours prior notice. A maximum of two postponements are allowed in a season.

9.       Teams failing to meet pre-arranged kick-off times may receive default loss.

10.    Team Admins should contact each other at least 10 minutes before the scheduled kick-off times to confirm kit colour selection.

11.    Teams can request for a delayed kick-off time of up to a maximum of 10 minutes on the condition that the opposition manager has been given at least 10 minutes notice before the scheduled kick-off
time via three written messages. Requests must be accepted by the opposing Manager on the basis time parameters have been observed. 

12.    A manager cannot call a default against a team for not showing up on time after the match is played. 

13.    Teams must send game invites to the opposing team at least 3 times before attempting to call a default (must provide evidence).

14.    A team has the right to quit a match after 10 minutes (with evidence) and call default, if the opposing team started a match with less than 8 players and did not back out of match before 10 minutes.

15.    If a player lags out of a match before 10 minutes resulting in less than eight human players on a team, you may restart the match up to two times without penalty, however the entire team must
also back out. If a player lags out of a match after 10 minutes the game must continue to a finish; a default loss will result otherwise.

16.    Any goal(s) scored before a team quits or lags out will still stand when the match is restarted.

17.    If a team defaults more than two games in a season, the manager and/or team maybe subject to a potential ban for the remainder of the season.

18.    Default losses will result in a 1-0 score for the winner with no stats counted for either team.

19.    Teams found to be guilty of purposely losing or match-fixing will incur points deductions and/or suspension.


1.       Results and stats should be recorded after every match and posted to the league forum within 24 hours of the match being completed.

2.       The Manager or Co-Manager are responsible for capturing or recording stats for their team.  

3.       All stats must be 100% clear for the league to understand. If stats are unclear, the league have the right to refuse to them.

4.       The league can request for proof of stats at any time. If a manager is found guilty of blatant cheating or continually entering wrong data, they will be subject to a permanent ban from the league.

5.       Negative/ unsporting play is not allowed - deliberate red cards, blocking the keeper, continually putting the ball out of play or deliberate time-wasting. This behaviour may lead to the offending team receiving a default loss (video evidence required). 

6.       There are no card suspensions.


1.       GOALKEEPERS - Saves/Clean Sheets/Pass Completed/MOTM/Goals Conceded

2.       DEFENDERS (RB, LB & CB) - Shots/Shots on Target/Clean Sheets/Tackles/Interceptions/Blocks/Possession Won/Possession Lost/Pass Completed/Key Pass/Goals/Assists//MOTM/Goals Against

3.       DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDERS (CDM, LDM, RDM) - Shots/Shots on Target/Clean Sheets/Tackles/Interceptions/Blocks/Possession Won/Possession Lost/Pass Completed/Key Pass/Goals/Assists/MOTM/Goals Against

4.       MIDFIELDER (RM, LM & CM) - Shots/Shots on Target/Tackles/Interceptions/Possession Won/Possession Lost/Pass Completed/Key Pass/Goals/Assists/MOTM

5.       ATTACKING MIDFIELDERS (RAM, LAM & CAM) - Shots/Shots on Target/Tackles/Interceptions/Possession Won/Possession Lost/Pass Completed/Key Pass/Goals/Assists/MOTM

6.       ATTACKERS (RW, LW, CF & ST) - Shots/Shots on Target/Possession Won/Possession Lost/Pass Completed/Key Pass/Goals/Assists/MOT

7.       ANY - Goals only

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